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Use A Journalistic Approach With Clients

When qualifying leads, real estate agents should keep in mind that choosing an agent is a big moment for prospects, and a routine conversation won’t enable them to get the details they need.

To boost an agent’s chance of making a connection, he or she should avoid asking simple “yes” or “no” questions, like “Do you have an agent?” or “Do you have financing?”

Instead, open-ended questions work best. More helpful questions include: “What have you done to prepare for your home purchase?” Or “What makes you most nervous about buying/selling?” Or “If you found the perfect agent, what would they do and how would you know?”

In general, a more journalistic approach to the interview gleans important information.

Also, agents should avoid asking: “How did you find me?” This query makes them appear new to marketing – especially when Trulia Insights and Google Analytics, among other tools, can already provide such information.

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  1. Ruth Tannenbaum

    Great article!


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