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Escrow Checks – Sales and Rentals

Whether for a sale or a rental, escrow checks are inevitable and a few guidelines exist that we must follow.
Rental escrow checks are to be held with United Realty Group and turned in to our corporate branch by 5 pm the next business day. You may mail the check or have the courier deliver the rental escrow check to corporate and it will have the same effect. All rental escrow checks must be accompanied by our Escrow Check Receipt. This is vital to remaining in compliance with state law.
Sales escrow checks are to be held with South Florida Title Associates. We have six title locations to better assist you: Coral Springs, Plantation Corporate, Lighthouse Point, Sawgrass, Pembroke Pines, and Weston. Delivery of checks should be directed to each office respectively so they may record each check prior to depositing with the Plantation Corporate office.
As a reminder, please deliver escrow checks with at least the minimum documentation (i.e. Sales Recap, Rental Recap, Escrow Check Receipt [rentals only]).

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