Your client asks if you can recommend an Inspector to them. Of course you can since as a Realtor you used them and in most cases, an inspection is required on a sales transaction. We all have one favorite inspector. One we trust to do a very thorough inspection and is honest, reliable and ethical.

But what if your recommended inspector fails to properly document a deficiency in the property that you client is purchasing? What if this mistake costs your client a lot of money? You know this client will be upset and most likely come back to you and complain, or even may even ask you for damages, or even worse, takes you to court. What to do know!

Well one of the things that could have avoided this scenario is by simple recommending at least three (3) inspectors to your client. Let the client choose which inspector is right for them. Make sure to verify the qualifications and licensing for each before recommending .

So yes recommend your inspector if you must. Just make sure you recommend three (3), and check their verification and licensing before. This will save you a headache in a the long run…. all the while protecting yourself.

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